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Cardr is an advanced, next-gen evidence collector for debate research.

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Why cardr?

Our mission is to provide debaters with a streamlined way to cut evidence.

Cardr converts a webpage into a card with one click. It automatically gathers page information such as the author, date, and publication, and then allows you to directly import the card into Word. We let you focus on what matters—getting research done.


Why cardr is perfect for you.


chrome extension

Cut cards with a single click from your favorite browser.
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word integration

Easily transfer cards to your Microsoft Word debate files without any hassle.


easy to use

With an intuitive yet powerful UI, cardr can be used by beginners and experts alike.


web interoperability

Cardr is curated to work on 50+ news and thinktank websites, but works on almost every site.



Edit the card format, including the citation, font, and paragraph condensation.


card history

Never lose a card again with cardr's history feature.


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Our Story

Founder & Lead Developer

Soham Govande

Soham Govande, founder & lead developer, was a sophomore in high school when founded cardr with a simple goal: making it easier for students to cut debate evidence. Recognizing the need for a simple and user-friendly solution, Soham worked on a prototype, which garnered tremendous support from the debate community. Then, as support for the project grew, cardr became a public tool in March 2020.